E4 Brooklyn

giffgaff took Channel 4 up on an opportunity to sponsor all of E4's entertainment programmes in 2015 with idents that have ''funny, quirky statements that if you're a fan of the show, you'll immediately get it.'' - Tom 'Handy giff-staffer' from giffgaff's Community Forums.

The shows, that will be sponsored in January and February of this year are; The 100, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Troy, Rules of Engagement, Melissa and Joey and Rude-ish Tube.

David Dao, director, wanted the idents to visually resemble Susskind, Nambu and Nielsen's String Theory.  ''String Theory tells us that all matter in our universe vibrates at different frequencies and these unique frequencies dictate form.'' The plan was to create pixels that move and vibrate to the sounds in the ident.


Agency: Riff Raff
Producer: Tracy Stokes
Creative Director: David Dao
Production Company: giffgaff
Writer/Director: David Dao
Executive Producer: Tracy Stokes
Producer: Abi Pearl
Producer: Anna Harris/Jon Hurst
Flame: Jim Allen/ Matt Clarke
Animation: Sandra Clua