Paddy Power Change The Game Campaign

With homophobia being an ongoing issue in Football, Paddy Power's collaboration with Lucky Generals saw the strong #RainbowLaces campaign championed by the FA Cup winners Arsenal and the LGB charity Stonewall.

Directed by the award winning Jim Gilchrist and onlined at Big Buoy, Change The Game sees top Arsenal players backing the campaign.  Starting with Theo Walcott, each player voices a personal attribute they can't change, much like a person's sexualtiy.  The ad calls to bring supporters together by lacing up over the Rainbow Lace Weekend, the 13th and 14th September 2014.

In just five days Rainbow Laces drummed up an overwhelming level of online support from footballers, rugby players, politicians, celebrities and brands.  Demand for the laces exceeded 100,000 orders and over the weekend, #RainbowLaces was trending on twitter in both the UK and Worldwide.

Paddy Power Change The Game  |  Agency Lucky Generals  |  Director Jim Gilchrist  |  Production Company MJZ