ManKind Violence is Violence Campaign

With over 8 million views since its launch in May 2014 there is no doubt that the film is certainly provoking thought and creating debate

This one is all about the edit (nice work Sam Bould) so it is hard for us to take any credit for online but we will try anyway.

Started by the domestic violence charity ManKind, the Violence is Violence campaign challenges society's perception and encourages the re-evaluation of gender stereotypes when concerning domestic violence.

Shot with three hidden cameras in central London we see two examples of violence play out. The film highlights the difference in the public’s reaction to domestic abuse towards both women and men.

The campaign came to Big Buoy through Dare and was directed by David Stoddart from Dark Energy.

ManKind Violence is Violence
  |  Agency Dare  |  Director David Stoddart  |  Production Company Dark Energy