World Mental Health Day | Let What's Inside Out

Every week, 1 in 6 adults experience a common mental health problem. 1 in 5 have considered taking their own life at some point and suicide remains the single biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. Yet so many of us continue to bottle up our innermost angst, solitarily facing our internal demons.

Mental health charity, CALM, are leading the charge in tackling mental health awareness and suicide prevention, saving hundreds of lives each year. In 2018, ‘Project 84’ saw 84 harrowing sculptures unveiled atop ITV’s London offices, each one a vivid representation of a real man who took his own life, whilst 2017’s ‘Don’t Bottle It Up’ campaign was also poignantly successful in raising awareness.

CALM’s latest cinema campaign addresses generation Z, focusing on a trio of 20-something men who, after much turmoil, encourage us to ‘Let what’s inside out’. ‘We don’t talk about that stuff’, says one to another, ‘We should’, replies the protagonist, staring deadpan into the camera.

Director John Ogunmuyiwa, comments, “We all know of the money and resources that go into advertising, which we use to make interesting work. But it’s really refreshing to be able to channel those means into interesting work for the greater good. Our mental well-being is very important, so it was a really great opportunity to do something that’s impactful and hopefully relatable. It’s a wicked feeling working with talented people that all care, towards encouraging a positive shift in society. Everyone killed it.”

Big Buoy Colourist on the project, Jonny Tully, agrees, “Mental health is such an important subject and it’s great to see CALM encouraging us to talk about how we’re feeling. I hope the film increases awareness of the charity, so people know that they’re not alone and they can reach out whenever they need to.”

“Mental health awareness and transparency is more important in this fast-moving, digital world that we inhabit than ever before”, explains Big Buoy Executive Producer, Jenna Le Noury. “Big Buoy and Big Chop were genuinely excited to contribute and collaborate towards this campaign because mental health affects everyone and the more information and support out there the better. This campaign acutely displays how disorienting and confusing depression and anxiety can feel and the VFX Eileen created reiterates the overwhelming, disconnected sensation that is at the heart of this creative concept.”

CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserable) offer support from 5pm-12am, 365 days a year.

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