• Big Buoy - Toby Leigh

Toby Leigh

We are currently hosting the art of Toby Leigh which kicked off with a private viewing on March 2nd.

Toby’s bold and vibrant work has been a regular feature across advertising and print media for the last 15 years with clients including; The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, Sony, Microsoft, Adidas and many more.

"It was just a really great night. A lot of my friends know what I do, but haven’t seen a lot of my work, so was great for them to be able see my stuff all together close up. A few of them even bought some pieces :)

A lot of what I do ends up very small in magazines and newspapers and so it was nice to be able to curate a collection of pieces and see them really big. I get a lot of publications and ad agencies wanting to collaborate with me because my work is irreverent and sometimes quite close to the bone. But when I deliver a rough version of the piece, they often say - “errr can you tone it down a bit, someone might get offended by that”. So I decided to call the show ‘I Don’t Like It!’.

Some of the work was personal projects, but some if it was commercial jobs, where I’ve pushed the boundaries of acceptability a bit." - Toby Leigh (Artist)

Photo Credits: Mark Cocksedge