• Big Buoy - Mark Diamond: Mostly Street

Mark Diamond: Mostly Street

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''I have been interested in Photography since I was about 18, and spent the next 5 years developing my interest. I pretty much shot what I could when I could.

Unfortunately having bought my first flat at 23 years of age, I found myself unable to afford all the film and developing costs. My interest then dwindelled.

However with the birth of digital photography, my interest was immediatley kick started and I haven’t looked back since.

I mainly concentrated on portrait photography but in the last 10 years I have been shooting a lot of street photography, which I love. 

I now have a camera with me where ever I go, and being fortunate enough to work in Soho London, there’s always something great to capture.

I’m not exactly sure why I like street photography so much, but I do know that everything changes not from day to day, but minute by minute, it’s totally unpredictable.''