• Big Buoy - Knowledge is powder: Vanish Carpet Care Campaign

Knowledge is powder: Vanish Carpet Care Campaign

Powder reigns king as stains vanish in new carpet ad.

Stain removal experts, Vanish, have released their latest carpet care campaign, a hyperbolised example of the unnecessary stresses of getting that ground-in dirt out of each and every fibre.

The project, created by Havas and developed by Jamie Lane at Generator Films, features a boldly dressed protagonist as he submerges his living room in gallons of water in the hope of extracting the most persistent of filth from his carpet.

Jamie, Director on the project, comments, “What’s great is that it’s a new concept and direction that Owen and Brodie from Havas came up with. The challenge was the water tank and how we would enhance the size and scale of it to make it bigger and dramatic.”

Post-production company, Big Buoy, were tasked with this dramatisation, with VFX Supervisor and Lead Flame Artist, Skippy Clifton, who was on set during production, adding, “It’s not every day you get a script that cuts a living room in half and washes a carpet with tonnes of water. Testing was called on straight away and we were amazed at how much dirt a clean-looking carpet would churn up.”

“We could only drown the living room once, so we shot with two cameras at 4K resolution to give us plenty of choice for editing. We faced the logistical issue that the glass could only take so much water weight, so we were restricted to a meter-high tank. After cutting all the props, including sofas, tables and decor in half, it was time to turn on the fire hose and see what it was like to wash a living room carpet in masses of water.”

Floating furniture and drifting debris prove entertaining and visually dynamic; however, this is of course an impractical solution. Therefore, Big Buoy’s beautiful macro sequence demonstrates Vanish’s much simpler method to keeping carpets squeaky clean and free from grit.

From an audio perspective, Big Buoy sound designer Nick Olsouzidis comments, "we tried to keep it all amusing and fun, whilst at the same time staying clear of sonic clichés and any sound that would make the spot feel cartoonish”. He adds that the creatives and director were all “really involved throughout and an absolute pleasure to work with”.

Lane concludes that the final result is “a very visual and colourful piece with an interesting and surreal twist we are all very pleased with,” whilst Clifton states, “We thought that we might have to put a "don't try this at home " super on, like on Britain’s Got Talent. Fortunately not.”

Agency – Havas

Agency Producer – Katie Wood

Assistant Producer – Nikola Oksiutycz & Debbie Ragasa

Creative Team – Owen Hunter Jenkins & Brodie King

Creative Director – Joe Koprowski

Group Account Director - Carolyn Young
Account Manager - Kate Sheppard

Strategy Director - Becky Taylor-Wilkinson

Senior Strategist - Flo Sharp

Prod Co – Generator Films

Director – Jamie Lane

Prod Co Producer – Kate Arton

Edit House-Big Chop

Offline Editor – Matthew Felstead

Senior Post Producer – Jenna Le Noury

Post Producer – Rosanne Crisp

Post-Production-Big Buoy

Colourist – Mark Horrobin

VFX Supervisor – David ‘Skippy’ Clifton

Flame Artists – Angus Wilson & Antonio Jimenez

Nuke – Tommy Coulter-Liston & Georghios Shiakallis

Sound Designer – Nick Olsouzidis

Senior Post Producer – Jenna Le Noury

Post Producer – Rosanne Crisp