• Big Buoy - Before & After Suzuki Swift

Before & After Suzuki Swift

"The script had canons bursting with confetti at the end of the band's performance, but on the day of the shoot it was difficult to get them to deploy on cue, so we added the confetti using a particle generator in Flame, and comped reflections into the windscreen and bodywork, to create a believable effect we could easily control.”

- Pete Jones, VFX Producer

"The concrete surface texture of the car park was quite uneven, so we spent a bit of time painting it up to look tidier. There was also a huge lorry parked in the background, which wasn't moveable on the shoot day, so we painted that out and replaced it with some foliage and a floodlight. This shot also has a crane move on it, so all the comps had to be 3D tracked and projected back over the top.”

- Pete Young, Flame Artist

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