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APA Top 50

This years APA Show was at the Natural History Museum and Big Chop's editors, Sam Bould and Matthew Felstead were recognised for their ads below by making it into APA's Top 50 list.

Mankind: Violence is Violence edited by Sam Bould

Last year alone, 720,000 men in the UK are believed to have experienced domestic abuse.

Following the Solange Knowles/Jay Z incident in the elevator on May 5th, the domestic violence charity known as ManKind started a campaign that challenges society’s perceptions of domestic violence towards men.  There has been a lot of debate since the incident concerning society’s opinions of violence towards men.  The Violence is Violence campaign sets out to raise awareness and encourage people to reevaluate their perceptions of gender stereotypes concerning domestic violence.

Shot with three hidden cameras in central London we see two examples of violence play out.  One where a man abuses a woman and then the next shows a woman abusing a man.  In the first instance the public all go straight to the woman’s rescue but in the second the woman is left to abuse the man whilst people watch without much concern for the man’s wellbeing.

The campaign came to Big Chop through Bradley Woodus at Dare, Executive Producer Matt Brown and Director David Stoddart.  It has been Sam Bould (Editor at Big Chop) and David Stoddart’s first collaboration and has bountiful online editors picks throughout the weekend.  With over 7 million views since its launch on Friday 23rd May the film is certainly provoking thought and creating debate.


Agency: Dare, London, UK
DirectorDavid Stoddart
Creative DirectorSean Thompson
ProducerKaren Egan
Creatives: Andrew Bevan, Jess morris, Chloe Pope
Executive Producer (Dark Energy): Matt Brown
DOPKatie Swain

Big Chop
1st Editor
Sam Bould
2nd EditorShaun Gardiner
Flame OpJack Stone @ Big Buoy
Post ProducerKatie Truelove

Smoke & MirrorsAndrew Salem
TK OpDan Moran

Carers Trust: Pie editing by Matthew Felstead


Production Company: Little Fish Films
Director: Gus Filgate
Editor: Matthew Felstead